diy websites

Website on a budget

Want a WordPress site but dont have the skills to create one? Need a website yesterday? Have you just started your business and need to get online? Budget isn’t huge? Time is short?
Our DIY websites have been created for you! We saw a gap in the market for small startups trying to get online without having to resort to signing their life away with Shopify stores or using plug and play builders like Wix that are the nemesis of SEO. So we designed a budget package that gives you the leg up you need to start off in the WordPress world. This also means that you dont have to redo your website when your business takes off and you are making those dollars!

a new website in 4 easy steps

Choose Your Layout

Choose from our huge selection of layouts that are specific to your chosen industry. All layouts are responsive and designed with UX best practices. 

Send Us your branding

Send through your brand colours, fonts and logos and we will ensure your website is branded to perfection. Dont have branding? Our branding package can sort all this for you.

Gather your Content

The key to success with this website design is that you have all of your content thought out and ready to go. See our add on copy packages if you need copywriting help

choose images

If you have imagery that you would like on your website simply send it through. Alternatively at no extra cost we can source paid stock images for you as part of the design.

Now sit back and relax while we create your new website.


  • NA WordPress website that can easily be scaled in the future
  • NAll the technical aspects taken care of for you by a pro
  • NYour own branding colours used
  • NYour own logos used if you have one
  • NBeautiful layouts that reflect your particular business
  • NStandard pages include Home, About, Blog, Contact, Privacy, Terms, FAQ & 404
  • NSocial Media links and icons
  • NBasic plugin installs
  • NEmail Intergration
  • NGuides and WordPress Tutorials
  • NAccess to the Learning Lab area for clients



Browse our layouts below


We have tried to answer most of the common questions we get asked here

If you have a question that we haven’t answered please reach out so we can help.

Will my site look like someone elses?

No. Although we use a template , we totally customise it to suit your business and branding so that no two websites will ever look the same. Chances are noone will ever even realise its a template.

HOW LONG DOES the process take?

DIY websites have a turnaround of 10 business days. This can blow out if you do not have your content ready to go when we start.


Yes! We believe in giving our clients the skills to take charge of their business and their websites. We will give you video recording of how to do all the tasks required to continue on your merry way without us. If you don’t want to maintain your own site thats ok too – we have maintenance plans that will take the stress out of looking after your site. 

is hosting included?

No. Hosting comes at an extra cost of $15 a month or $160 a year. If you choose not to host with us that is also fine, but we will not provide migration services to other hosts and we will not be responsible if you break your site once we had it over.

can you maintain my site?

We would love to look after your best employee! We have a range of website maintenance packages that you can access.

Does this package include SEO?

No. SEO takes huge amounts of time and in order to keep prices as economical as possible we forgo the extras that you get with our completely custom websites. if you would like SEO site optimisation we have a one off package that you can see here.

can i add ecommerce to my site?

Yes you can! If you want the inclusion of E-Commerce you can choose specific E-Commerce templates and the extra charge for this is $400. This covers the extra pages that need to be created such as shop, cart, checkout and payment integration.